Books – Immerse yourselves in it

What would you do when you are feeling as though there can’t be anything right in this world? When all you want to do is crawl up and sleep and forget the hurt you’ve been through? At this time many of us turn to those people or things we love and find solace in. For some it may be music, for some painting, but for some it is books.

Potter and Chicken Soup for the Soul

Books have been and remain their favourite refuge to go to as it is often said books are your best friend when you are lonely. books are always there as that silent friend, who shall listen patiently for you to immerse yourself within the imaginary world books provide you with. For many, it is the Harry Potter series that provide them comfort. Journeying along with Harry and his friends as they fight through life’s obstacles give strength to those in similar conditions. For some, it is the Shakespearean classics that remind them they were not alone. You also have the Chicken Soup series that are definitely comforting and fun.

Every book is an encyclopedia

And books not only act as a friend but they help you learn and improve in many more ways. Along with your vocabulary and grammar, you learn about the history and culture of different places. It broadens your mind to absorb a whole lot more knowledge than one can receive through television or the internet. For it isn’t just an antidote to depression but every book is an encyclopedia in itself.

A patient friend always…

It is often mentioned that with television and internet charging through as major communication channels, books shall lose out. However, you shall always find that a TV may break, the internet shall break connection but a book shall remain where it is, patiently waiting for you to open it and talk to it. What are you waiting for? Go immerse yourselves.