Do You Have What It Takes To Make It As A Female Vocalist?

by | Jul 24, 2012 | Music

How many female vocalists do you know personally?  You can probably count on one hand the number of women that you know that have a great singing voice, whether they sing in a church choir, are in a band, or were lucky enough to make it big.  Many of us may think that we are great singers, along with the music that is playing in our car, but if you hear yourself singing it is a different story and you know otherwise.  Having an exceptional singing voice is not something that every one is born with and when you come across someone that has it, you just want to stop and listen.

Many people think that if they try to sound like other singers then they will make it big, but most of the time we are listening for something different that catches our attention and makes us want to hear more.  A lot of times peoples’ taste in music will change as they get older, so trying to stick to a certain audience can only work for so long.  Female vocalists should stick to what they do best and give time to build up their fans.  They should also be aware that the fans are their biggest support and they should take the time to get to know them by arranging back stage meetings or signing autographs before the show.  It is hard not to support someone that you felt was kind to you.

Female vocalists may choose to be solo or even be a back up singer for someone.  It is okay to not feel like you have to be the center of attention or to take a back up singer job even if you desire to be front and center.  This will also get you noticed if you are with a well-known person and you can always perform individually when not with the other performer so that other people can get to know your voice.

As a female vocalist, you should remember to keep your values first, this is what people will look up to you for and give you the respect that you deserve.  Don’t try to stay trendy, this is not what people want, they just want to know you and if they like you and the music that you sing, all you have to do is be yourself.

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