Movies – A learning tool

Since time eternal, if there was a form of entertainment that has always had an eager audience, it is defintiely movies. It all began with still pictures telling a story and today you have movies being churned out on your 70 mm films almost every day.

Watch and learn

Movies are in fact one of the biggest entertainment industries in every nation across the globe and in a nation like India we several regional movies‘ industry working simultaneously and each of them as successful as the other. Movies apart from entertaining also perform the basic function of taking us into a world where dreams are realized and are also educational in many aspects. One more application of movies is that you can use them to teach English.

Why movies?

Surprised? Don’t be. Movies are a an immensely popular medium and they can be used for learning communication very effectively. Why movies you ask? Here are the answers.

  • Movies in English are enjoyed by a majority of the people worldwide and one can gain maximum mileage by educating yourself in a laguage on various themes.
  • English movies are easily accessible and are probably a cheaper resource of learning the language. You can find them in rental shops, book stores, theaters, media outlets, etc.
  • Movies can be adapted to suit any time frame and siut your convenience. If your English class is half an hour long, you can watch the movie in installments or ‘clip frames’.
  • Also, English movies CD’s come installed with sub-titles and sub-titles can be used to improve one’s lsitening skills as well improve one’s vocabulary.

Movies are thus not just an entertainment form but as far as communication goes, it can be used effectively to teach languages. Why, in India, with movies in every language, this could be the best way to learn a new language.