Photography – Make your hobby your career

Hobbies speak a lot about a person’s personality and nature. They involve doing something you love, again and again and there couldn’t be any other job that you’d rather do. Hobbies are a part of our lives since childhood and each of us pick up different likings, such as, reading, singing, collecting stamps, and some pick up photography.

The camera – your best friend

It all begins with one click and the camera then becomes your best friend. Photography along with being a creative process is also an enriching hobby. We see the world through different dimensions and capture the beauty that it still retains. You soon realize photography means much more than a hobby to you and want to make your hobby a career. What then?

Learn the tricks of the trade

Once you reach the decision of taking up photography as a career choice you need to brush up your photography skills in order to sell your photos and yourself as a photographer. Worry not! Here are some tricks of the trade that shall help improve your photography portfolio.

  • Time Lapse photos: Keeping the exposure consistent, if the images clicked are consistently along the same lines, then one can create some really fun-stop animation. You can also try capturing other slow motion effects such as seedlings growing or a flower opening up its petals.
  • Night Lights: Light plays a very important role in photography and understanding the relationship between the camera and the light can help make one a better photographer. The world looks completely different in the night and capturing the city in the night can make for some great photography.
  • Astrophotography: The stars are within your reach, literally. Attach your SLR camera onto a telescope and get ready to capture the space beyond in a manner you haven’t seen before.
  • Macro photography: Take your camera as close to the subject and get to know them up, close and personal. Detailed photography is very much in demand and you would definitely like to pick this up.
  • Micro photography: This requires immense skill and a bit of craziness on your part where you interface your camera with a microscope and obtain for yourself some insane photography.

The best thing about making your hobby a career is you are never tired of learning it. So what are you waiting for? Grab your camera and out you go!