Twittering Bollywood Celebrities

Bollywood has been bitten by the twitter mania. Celebrities took forward to tweet in a huge way, finding their precious time to interact with followers between their frenzied shooting agendas. The followers are also reacting happily to their film idols with many big Bollywood celebrities bragging a large number of loyal followers. With many phone applications enabling people to tweet on the move, it is obvious that movie fans like Bollywood mobile nowadays.

The main purpose behind Bollywood tweeting, as you would imagine, is to remain on moviegoers’ radar trying to be as visible as is possible. Celebrities market their hottest movies, declare opening of new clothing lines, restaurants, fitness club on tweets. Tweeting is not restricted to only campaigns, with stars posting comments on social concerns, revealing their political opinions and even sharing activities with their followers.

There is Priyanka Chopra who offers suggestions to her admirers to recouping Lisa Ray who tweeted about her struggle with cancer and effective recuperation. The current Mangalore airplane crash had Amitabh Bachachan revealing his grief on the microblogging site.

Tweeting is not restricted to young Bollywood celebrities. Veteran Bollywood actor Shammi Kapoor was a huge buff of twitter and was found tweeting often. He was lately in news reports for asking celebrity Deepika out for a date on tweets. The newest celebrity to sign up the twitter camp is Ranbir Kapoor himself who garnered a stunning 39,000 fans within only 72 hours of joining the website. Ditto Salman Khan who presently has about 283,497 followers and Shahrukh Khan with a cool 478964 fans.

People say that ‘all publicity is great publicity’ in the showbiz. In this celebrity-crazy world, the idea of mobile Bollywood due to twitter has grown to be the preferred way for movie celebrities and followers to reach out to one another.