3 Easy Signs to Know When It’s Time to Buy a New Grill in San Francisco, CA

When your grill starts to break down, you might feel some hesitancy about buying a new one. Since there are so many grills on the market, buying one on a whim might not be in your best interest. It is okay to take your time and weigh options to be prepared for summer grilling.

Here are a few suggestions on what to look for to determine if it is time for a Kamado grill in San Francisco, CA.

Grates are Rusty or Damaged

The entire grilling experience is different when cooking with damaged grates. Additionally, rusty grates can leave your food contaminated. In some cases, you might be able to replace grill parts. In other cases, the cost of buying a new grill may outweigh buying new grates.

Food Cooks on an Uneven Flame

Another telltale sign that it is time for a new grill is a flame that is too low. Likewise, flames shooting out from the sides of the grill indicates there is a problem with the grill burners.

Grease Buildup on Grill

Cleaning your grill regularly can help you avoid a fire hazard from grease buildup. Over time, cleaning may not be enough to solve the problem. If so, start looking for a new grill to fit your needs.

Get Superior Grilling Today!

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