Everything You Need to Pack in Your Child’s Soccer Bag

by | Jul 12, 2018 | Soccer Store

One of the most common questions that parents of children who play soccer have is what to pack in their soccer equipment bags. There are a lot of options and many of them you can take or leave depending on your kid’s personality. However, we recommend that you do fill up on a few things that will likely come in handy at some point as a soccer parent.

Water Bottle

While your child is practicing or at a game, they are going to be doing a lot of running around. If it’s a warm day, that also means a lot of sweating which can be dehydrating. Your child’s team may have a water cooler, but it never hurts to have a personal water bottle ready for your child, as well as for anyone else coming to enjoy the game. Reusable insulated bottles are the best option by far.

Soccer Ball

If your kid is going to be at soccer, they should have a ball. The age of your child will determine what size to choose. Children under eight should choose a size three ball. Those from eight to 12 should pick up a size four and anyone 13 and up will want to use a size five ball. Ask the coach if your child needs to bring a ball to each game or only practices.

Proper Shoes

For children who play soccer on grass, a good pair of shoes with cleats is a must. You want to choose shoes specifically made for playing soccer, rather than choosing baseball or football cleats. In addition to offering better grip, this type of shoe will help protect the foot and give your child stability while practicing or playing the game.

Shin Guards

Nearly all leagues require that players wear shin guards and for good reason. Make sure your child has this protective item in their soccer equipment bags to keep their ankles and legs safe.

Sunscreen & Bug Spray

When the sun is beating down, you need to protect your child from the harmful rays. Apply sunscreen when your child dresses for the game and reapply at halftime if needed. Bug spray is another great option if there are lots of insects where you live.

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