Best GIFs To Put A Smile On Your Face

by | Mar 10, 2015 | Entertainment

Imagine that you are going through your day at work, tirelessly toiling at your desk. You are tired and need something funny to distract you from the monotony of your daily tasks and bring a smile to your face. Just then your friend sends you one of the best GIFs floating around the internet and you find yourself laughing out loud. The best GIFs can make you smile and bring happiness to a day that was boring and tiresome before.

What Are the Best GIFs?

The initials GIF stand for “graphics interchange format”. Basically the best GIFs are compressed image files formatted with deluxe colors and graphics. Since they are compressed they can be transferred much more quickly than larger files that take longer and can be easily uploaded onto popular social media sites such as Facebook, twitter, Redditt and Instagram. Often people will post the best GIFs on websites and blogs as well. GIFs are very popular because they utilize the only format which can be used to make animations online. Another great thing about the best GIFs is that they can be made so that the background is transparent, that way they blend in to any background that is desired, or the background color can be changed so that it coordinates well with the web page that it is put on.

How to Make the Best GIFs

Making the best GIFs is easier than you would imagine. Just follow these simple steps and you will be on your way to GIF success.

1. Create a picture in Microsoft Paint and save it
2. Make sure you save your image in a place where you will be able to find it again
3. Give your image a name that you will not forget
4. Go to the ‘Save as Type’ box and select GIF
5. Save and you are done!

Why People Make GIFs

There are many advantages to the best GIFs. The best GIFs can show things that would not normally be able to be seen and help still images convey emotions and movement. The best GIFs can be enjoyed by people of all ages depending on what the subject matter is. Some popular cartoon characters have even been made into the best GIFs to be used for children. GIFs can convey feelings or just be used to bring a smile to the face of someone. Take some time and enjoy some funny and memorable best GIFs today.

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