Catch Great Memories and Big Fish Like a Pro With a Seasoned Fishing Guide

by | Jul 28, 2020 | sports

Fishing the Delta and scoring championship catches can be a reality with an experienced Delta fishing guide. Guides know the water like the backs of their hands, boasting decades of global and local fishing experience that helps guests snag Instagrammable beauties and memories for a lifetime. The guide takes care of everything; guests only have to show up.

What the Guide Supplies

The California Delta fishing charter package furnishes guests with the highest quality essentials to ensure success on the water. Durable, pro-quality rods and reels optimized for targeted species are standard. Packages also come with species-specific bait as well as a plethora of tackle: trend-forward sinkers, leaders, lures and lines.

The guide also furnishes guests with water on top of cleaning and packaging all catches neatly. Guests can bring their own personal equipment if they desire, but it isn’t necessary.

A Few Requirements

Guests seeking the services of a Delta fishing guide must have a valid California fishing license. Personal food and drink are permitted to fuel an exciting, high-octane session on the water. For personal comfort, sunscreen, layered and warm clothing, rain gear, hats and sunglasses are advisable.

For the catch, guests should also bring an ice chest on board. Charters welcome and encourage guests with cameras. What good is bagging a ridiculous catch without the social media photo and post to prove it?

For a Delta fishing guide with 30+ years of successful charters to boot and thousands of happy customers to this very day, book Delta Fishing Charters online at

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