South Dakota Has the Best Pheasant Hunting in the Entire World

by | Jul 30, 2020 | Hunting

Mount Rushmore isn’t the only thing that South Dakota is famous for; it’s also famous for its state bird, the ring-necked pheasant. Strangely, although this game bird abounds in the American West, it is native to Asia and to the Balkans, as well as the northern Caucasus.

The fact is, this beautiful game bird has been introduced all over the world; it was successfully introduced to South Dakota in 1908. The climate and terrain of the Dakotas was a natural fit for this tasty game bird; now, South Dakota is known as the pheasant hunting capital of the world.

Since 1919, pheasant hunting has become a tradition in South Dakota. Family and friends gather together the first weekend of the hunting season at any one of the great South Dakota pheasant hunting lodges. An abundant pheasant population and thousands of acres of public lands make hunting in South Dakota a unique experience.

The hunting limits are quite generous; hunters are allowed to take three rooster pheasants per day, and 15 birds total for the season. The pheasant hunting season in South Dakota begins in mid-October and ends in early January. a

A South Dakota pheasant hunting lodge is not just a comfortable place to stay, a good lodge can also provide you with a good habitat and hunting guides. Some South Dakota pheasant hunting lodges raise and release birds for the hunt. A lodge with a good habitat means there is plenty of forage and cover to support a wild population of pheasants.

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