Diving Can Be a Lucrative and Exciting Career for South Carolina Residents

by | Sep 7, 2020 | Diving

When most people think about scuba diving, they either think about someone who is on vacation in the Bahamas or about an explorer filming a documentary at the bottom of the ocean. However, scuba diving training is for individuals who dive for money. Many of them will work on the behest of organizations. Scuba diving for work means that a person is skilled at diving. They are professionals who have received the training and certification to meet the needs of the local government.

There are several jobs available for commercial divers. The most common job that commercial divers do is work for oil rigs. They help maintain the oil rigs and any tools or apparatuses that are used deep in the water.

An offshore diver is the most common type of commercial diver. Most commercial divers get into the business working with the oil and gas industry. Relative to other types of commercial diving, the pay that they receive can be lower. With time, the pay does increase exponentially.

One of the challenges they may face is being away from family for extended amounts of time. It’s not uncommon for them to live on oil platforms. For the majority, work is seasonal. Commercial divers can earn up to six figures.

The work requires a level of scuba diving training and water competency. This is something that can be earned over time. It can be an exciting career working as an offshore diver.

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