Swim Classes in Tucson AZ – The Gift That Lasts Forever

by | Aug 17, 2015 | Swimming Instructor

Water safety is a must for children of all ages especially those between the ages of 1-4 as drowning is the primary cause of death in that age group in the United States. Swim Classes in Tucson AZ can help ensure that children learn to be comfortable in and around water. Learning to swim is a life-saving skill and is an incredible gift to give any child. Learning to swim is a right of passage for many youngsters in the United States. Certainly organized swim classes taught by certified instructors are a better and safer way to learn to swim than being pushed into the deep end of a swimming pool.

Many facilities offer swimming lessons for toddlers, young children, and yes, even adults. For children at least 6 months of age, some places have classes in which both the parents and toddler participate. This class setting provides parents with the opportunity to teach their child basic water skills. The lessons are given at an appropriate pace in a safe and comfortable setting. Taking swim lessons together is an excellent bonding experience and provides children with the opportunity to socialize with their peers.

When taking Swim Classes in Tucson AZ some of the things one can expect are instructors experienced with working with parents and their toddlers and who are trained and certified. Some of the skills taught at the appropriate levels include rolling over and floating on their backs, walking along the swimming pool wall and how to climb out properly, and submersion with breathing control. Classes are an excellent venue to help children learn to be comfortable in and around the water, so they remain safe. To gather more information on the various classes you can read the full info here at their website.

Some of the classes offered to children between the ages of 2-3 years include an introductory level for children with no experience. The class helps them to get over any fear of water and to be comfortable without their parents. The children will learn to put their heads underwater and blow bubbles. Through the use of songs and games young swimmers begin to learn kicking, back floats, glides and exiting the pool -; all with assistance. Classes for children aged 2-3 years with experience teach the same skills but the children work toward achieving these goals independently. You can read the full info here at their website.

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