The Things to Look for in Custom Corporate Awards

by | May 8, 2013 | Entertainment

rainbowWhen you are looking for the perfect way to reward your employees for a job well done, you need to find an award they will feel excited about and will make them feel appreciated. Custom corporate awards or trophies offer a unique way to award employees by giving them something to keep in their office or at home for many years, constantly reminding them of their hard work. Trophies offer a great way to congratulate an employee without giving him something that will be shoved in the back of his closet and left to collect dust.

Show Off Your Business

When you choose custom trophies, you can choose those that include your company name, logo and slogan. You should also have room for the employee’s name and the reason for the award, whether you have an employee-of-the-month program or you reward employees annually at your holiday banquet. While the trophy gives you yet another way to market your business, you should keep the recipient in mind and make it as special as possible for him.

Unique Designs

There are thousands of types of custom corporate awards available. A few of the most popular include trophies, custom acrylic awards and wall or standing plaques. Keep in mind where your employee might keep the award. If they have an office, chances are it will grace a shelf or wall in there. If they do not have an office, they might have to take it home, which might limit you to a smaller trophy or plaque as to not overwhelm their home.

Keep It Personal

No matter what type of award you decide to give to the recipient, you should always do your best to make it personal. While a generic trophy is still exciting to receive in front of your co-workers, it loses its meaning over time. When you take the time to personalize the trophy or award for your employees, they will treasure it for a long time and possibly even gain more motivation out of it every time they see it.

Finding the perfect way to reward employees for a good job throughout the month, quarter or year is worth the time it takes. When you award employees, they feel appreciated, and it motivates them to want to continue their hard work. When you look for custom corporate awards, look for those that allow you to show off your business, while keeping it personal for the recipient at the same time.

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