Who is Worthy of a Challenge Coin?

by | Jun 25, 2015 | Coins

Are you looking to honor your employees with a challenge coin? Employers who want to award challenge coins to their employees can do so by contacting a challenge coin maker. The company will produce a challenge coin, designing it according to your specifications.

Even though challenge coins are mostly awarded to the military and the navy, they are no longer restricted to just those branches, as acts of bravery exist elsewhere as well. Challenge coins can be awarded to the following heroes in these categories below:

Honor the Bravery of the Everyday Citizen
You do not have to belong to a group sworn to protect the people of the country, state, or locality; you just have to have the desire to do something spontaneous to save a life. It could be running into a burning building to save someone, fighting with a thief to protect the ones you love, or helping someone get out of a car after its been in an accident.

When the average citizen displays his/her valor, it deserves recognition from their community. The state should honor them by hiring the services of a challenge coin maker to produce a challenge coin.

Honor the Guys/Girls who Put their Life on the Line Each Day
Firefighters and police men and women put their life on the line each day. Each day, a firefighter rescues a person from the wrath of the blazing fire or each time a police man/woman chases after a criminal, they always have a lump in their throat, not knowing if they will make it back safely to their families. In order to tell thank them for risking their life each for you, you should bring up the idea to honor them with a challenge coin produced by an expert challenge coin maker.

Honor the Emergency Workers who Rush to Your Aid
Emergency workers can be your friends, families, and EMTs who rush to the scene when they get a call they someone needs their assistance. The friends and families are the ones who call them in time in the hopes they will be able to save their loved one who has suddenly fallen sick or has some other grave problem that needs immediate attending. It is the immediate emergency techniques learnt by EMTS that help their loved ones reach the hospital safe and alive. For their efforts, they also deserve a challenge coin.

If you know someone who is deserving of a challenge coin, you need to contact Embleholics, a challenge coin maker, to create a customized coin. If you head a team of workers who help people out constantly, to unite them, you need to award each one of them with a challenge coin. Challenge Coin Maker

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